Article I.         NAME:

                                The name of this organization shall be the Kentucky Mathematical Association of Two‑Year

                                Colleges. (KYMATYC)


Article II.       OBJECTIVES:

                                1. To encourage consistency in course content and placement.

                                2. To encourage articulation with four‑year colleges.

                                3. To offer professional development opportunities.

     4. To provide opportunities for members to become acquainted with each other, exchange information about available positions, report the result of innovations, and discuss other items of interest to mathematics faculty.


Article III.      MEMBERSHIP:

                                The membership of KYMATYC shall be open to teachers of mathematics on the college level

                                and to all other persons who have an interest in mathematics.


Article IV.      ELECIIONS:

                                Elections shall be held every two years as prescribed in the bylaws.


Article V.       OFFICERS:

                                The officers of the Association shall be:

                                1. The President

                                2. President‑Elect

                                3. Past President

                                4. Secretary‑Treasurer

                                5. Member‑at‑Large, elected

                                6. Member‑at‑Large, appointed by the President

                                7.Technology Coordinator, appointed by the President


Article VI.      GOVERNMENT:

                                1. The Association shall be governed by the Executive Committee.

                                2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers.


Article VII.    MEETING:

                                1. This organization shall have one regular meeting each year.

                                2. Other meetings shall be held as called by the Executive Committee.


Article VII1.  BYLAWS:

                                Bylaws to carry out the provision of this constitution may be adopted.


Article IX.      AMENDMENTS:

                                This constitution may be amended by a two‑thirds vote of the members present at any meeting

                                of the Association. Written notice to the proposed amendment must have been sent to the

members by the Secretary by U.S. mail or email at least three weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be voted upon. Such proposed amendment shall be received by the Secretary no later than four weeks before the meeting.



                                The Executive Committee shall direct the Treasurer to pay reasonable compensation for

                                services and supplies in the furtherance of the purposes set forth above. In the event that

                                KYMATYC dissolves, the Executive Committee shall make provision for all just debts and

                                shall transfer all of the remaining assets to another nonprofit organization.


                                adopted 11/2/73                  amended 12/5/75               amended 3/2/96  amended 3/6/04

                                amended 1/14/08