Article I.         MEMBERSHIP:

                        Any person eligible for membership becomes a member after completing a membership form

                        and paying dues to the Secretary‑Treasurer.


Article II.       ELECTIONS:

                        1. All elected officers shall be elected at the annual business meeting in even‑numbered years

                        and shall take office at the end of that meeting. The term of office shall be two years. A

                        majority vote of the members who are present shall be required for election.

                        2. The nominating committee shall present a slate of candidates to the Secretary by mail no

                        less than four weeks prior to the annual meeting. The nominating committee consists of the

                        president‑elect, the immediate past president, and two members appointed by the


3. Additional nominations from the floor of the annual meeting will be accepted before the  balloting for each office begins.

                        4. If a vacancy occurs in the office of president, the president‑elect shall become president. If

                        a vacancy occurs in any other elected position, the Executive Committee will appoint a



Article III.      MEETINGS:

                        The Executive Committee shall plan the agenda for each meeting, and the Secretary shall

                        announce the date of the meeting and the proposed agenda to the membership by mail at least

                        three weeks prior to the meeting.


Article IV.      DUES AND FEES:

                        All dues and fees (if any) are to be determined by the Executive Committee.


Article V.       DUTIES OF OFFICERS:

                        1. President: To chair all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Committee. To

                        appoint members to committees as directed by the Executive Committee or the


                        2. President‑Elect: To assume presidential duties in the absence of the president and to carry

                        out any responsibilities as delegated by the president.

3.  Past President: To assist the President in the assumption of the presidential duties, to serve on the nominating committee, and to carry out other responsibilities as delegated by the president.

                        4. Secretary‑Treasurer: To handle the correspondence and the financial transactions of the

organization. To announce by U.S. Mail or email the date and proposed agenda of meetings and the slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee to the membership.

                        5. Member‑at‑Large, elected: To serve as the organization's representative to the American

                        Mathematical Association of Two‑Year Colleges and to carry out other responsibilities as

                        delegated by the President.

                        6. Member‑at‑Large, appointed: To record minutes of all meetings of the Association and the

                        Executive Committee. To carry out responsibilities as delegated by the President.

7.  Technology Coordinator:  To maintain and update the KYMATYC website.  To set up and troubleshoot technology and equipment at the annual conference.  To carry out other responsibilities as delegated by the President.



                        These bylaws may be amended by a two‑thirds vote of members present at any meeting of the



                        adopted 11/2/73      amended 12/5/75     amended 3/2/96      amended 3/3/01 

                        amended 3/6/04     amended  1/04/08